About me

Hi there

I am Linda and I am based in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. 

I specialise in Family photography and enjoy the interaction between family members and try to capture the "real" moment.  

A compliment I get the most from my clients is that I am a very patient person especially where young children are part of the photo session.

As a photographer all I ever hear is "I need to loose weight first". You are perfect now, accept your beauty, celebrate it now. 

Do now wait any longer, the "right" moment is now. Wouldn't you love as a mom to be in front of the camera with your children because in 30 years time those photos will be priceless.

I invite you to bring your family for a beautiful relaxed photo shoot with me and experience what it feels like with the people you love dearly. 

I am a family photographer - I stop time for people.